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PostSubject: GUILD RULES   Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:44 pm

All members must sign in with Superior.  THIS IS MANDATORY. Please be kind enough not to have to remind you.
For us to increase our blessings to maximum capacity for attack, HP and defence, it will require Guild Gold.  Guild Gold will also be required for levelling the Guild up which is our second priority.  (Please be advise that we can see those of you who are not doing this, and there will be sanctions if you do not comply).

All members are expected to be active members of this Guild.  You are expected to be at all Plunders.  If you are unable, you MUST let me or the officers know beforehand.  All Guild members will only use Plunder 500 for now.  This can be revisited if warranted.

All members MUST be at World Boss, and Guild Wars.  Anyone who misses more than one with no explanation will be kicked from Guild.  We will work with you but we will not carry you.

Supreme Chests
This is open to all Guild Members.
If a Guild member is already opening, please let them have it.
NO FIGHTING PLEASE; we all get the same with a small random difference, whether you open it or not.

Focus on the other ways you can increase the BR of your character. We have so many events now, AS tycoon, hunter, group buy, this and that. Great places to increase your character outside of plunder, especially as many elephants spawn in Untamed Wilds whilst we are waiting around for bosses.

We will try to have once a day, but please be aware it cost whoever calls it 650 diamonds.  We are open to other guild members who would like to receive a lot of additional goodies for having called it, and if you are interested in doing so, please speak to either me or one of the officers.

If someone writes in Guild Chat “elephant”! Please all go straight to Untamed Wilds, check map and have a great time attacking it until your heart is content.

All members are expected to speak English for all communication on Guild Chat and on Forum without exceptions.  If you are having difficulty understanding what is being said, speak to me or one of the officers, and we will try to find someone who is able to translate for you.

No abusive or foul language will be tolerated.  

Have fun, kick bottom and party like a rock star!  cheers
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